About me

This is me, Joseph Dewey, at a restaurant
me, Joseph Dewey

Hi All,

I wrote for a newspaper for a few years, and I try to write all my blogs in the same style as my newspaper articles.

I've always liked to think that I'm pretty original, or that my writing is unique in some way. If you find something that's not very unique, let me know. I call this Semi-Original Thought, because there are no thoughts at all that are truly unique, almost everything is built on something else. I really hope that my stuff is just less derivative than most.

I really like John Steinbeck's writing, and one of my goals is to convert and compress the style he used throughout his sometimes thousand-paged books into a one thousand word article. My best attempt at that so far was my I'm trying to be like Jesus piece.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Your friend,

Joseph Dewey
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