Saturday, June 26, 2010

84 cents of tip

I drove through McDonald's a few days ago at 11pm.

The total was $5.16. I gave the cashier six bucks, and said, "Keep the change." He went back over to the cash register, rang it up, and yelled at me.

Are you sure? This is eighty four cents!

"Yes, I'm sure, thank you."

This isn't the first time I've done that, but usually I only "tip" people at McDonalds six or seven cents. I'm gradually tipping more and more at McDonald's.

Same thing with convenience store cashiers. As soon as I figured out that the excess of the Take-A-Penny, Give-A-Penny jar gets taken as cashier tips, I've always put all of my non-quarter change into the penny jar.

I started this a few years ago after I ate dinner at a fancy restaurant.  The bill was about a hundred bucks, and I tipped about twenty bucks. It was just a regular tip for the fancy restaurant. The server never said, "Thanks for the tip," it was just business as usual.

So I thought about McDonald's, and started wondering, "What would happen if I tipped someone at McDonald's twenty bucks?"

Photo from Carol Heesen Photography on istockphoto. If you want me to pay you five bucks for your photo, post me a link to photos I could use.


  1. What a thoughtful idea. Fast food is such a difficult job. Those people deserve a little extra! I am going to start tipping fast food workers now. Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. I agree, they work harder than almost everyone.

  3. They deserve credit. . . . whikle some expect it, when they don't deserve it.

    Last night, my co-worker and I only tipped the girl at Red Robin $1 between the two of us. . . . We did this because she wasn't friendly, just doin' the job . . . and she was oh so friendly to my friend's boyfriend, last time, completely turning her back to my friend (wedging between her and her boyfriend, at the bar), as if she didn't exist. So, she knows how to be friendly (to whom she wishes); but, nothing about thoughtful decency.

    We should tip friendly, fast food employees more often . . :D

  4. I know! It's fascinating that the Red Robin girl was probably deeply insulted, where if you would have given the $1 to a fast food employee, that person would have talked about it for a week.

  5. The professional in me wanted to tip the girl for her work . . . The friend in me wanted to short-change the girl who was not so professional when my friend visited last time . . . and wasn't all too friendly at our visit, either.

  6. I would work at McDonalds if you tipped me everyday. jk

  7. Okay Vanessa, when you get back, I'll give you thirty five cents!


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