Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mister who?

Here's an actual conversation I had with a 22-year old.

ST: Hey, did you hear that they’re making an A-Team movie?
PY: A-Team?
ST: You know, that old TV show with Mr. T in it.
PY: Mr. T?
ST: What? You don’t know who Mr. T is? He’s got a Mohawk, he wears gold chains, he’s like the most famous person in the whole world.
PY: Oh, you mean that guy on commercials?
ST: [Silence]

During the lengthy silence, I realized that without World of Warcraft, Mr. T would be gone.

Mr. T is one of those pillars of my childhood. Mr. T is like Pac-Man. Mr. T. is like Star Wars. Mr. T. is like Madonna. Everyone has always heard of them, and everyone always will.

I think I remember a conversation from my Idaho childhood, but it could just be one of those allegorical stories that's still meaningful, and whatever the case, it's still embellished.

Kid 1: Mr. T is freaking awesome.
Kid 2: But Mr. T. is black. [Note that this story is from the 1980's version of Idaho, so this was intended as a huge insult to Kid 1]
Kid 1: Mr. T isn't black, Mr. T. is Mr. T.
Kid 2: [Silence]
ST (silently thought): Mr. T. is freaking awesome!!!1!!

Mr. T. is Mr. T. He's also black, but that doesn't really matter outside of twentieth century Idaho. And, Mr. T is also a nice guy.

And, this man, who I thought was an immortal, he's almost gone.

Photo from Atratus on istockphoto.


  1. I've had similar experiences. Maybe they need to rebroadcast the old episodes. I did have a roommate who had the A-Team episodes on DVD and watched them—but he was almost as old as I am.

  2. Thanks! I think that if everyone starts wearing a Mr. T. Shirt, that will help.

    Mr. T. Shirt

  3. Yes, Mr. T has always been cool (because he has sincere depth) . . . And, Mark's right, they should rebroadcast those shows. I thought one cable channel was doing that; but, I don't have cable or a television. Maybe when I get my mother a television (also so we can play Zelda and Super Mario Brothers on my Wii) she might find The A-Team and *M*A*S*H* along with Murder She Wrote and whatever else my mother likes to watch on TV. That would be cool. :D Great blog, Swampy :D

  4. Thanks for the great comment! Have a great time going retro with your mom!

  5. First thing to do is have a roomy paycheck to buy it with. I wonder if I could make a cool retro frame for it. :)


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