Thursday, June 10, 2010

The last Aveeno in the world

There's a tale in my family that my late grandfather invented the best toilet plunger ever made.  Like it had such amazing suction power you'd usually have to replace your plumbing after using it.  But, this plunger cost like $5 to make, so Granddaddy had to sell it for $20, and the hardware stores at the time didn't want to buy it from Granddaddy for $20 to resell it to people for $50.

Instead, the hardware stores bought super cheap plungers for two bits, and resold the plungers to people for a few bucks.  They didn't work, but few things did back in the day.  He ended up selling the plungers to used car companies for $100 each, to take the dents out of cars, and they sold like hotcakes, they were that amazing.

I think everyone's heard a story like my plunger lore, about a product so amazing and better than anything else, that it doesn't exist anymore. It only exists in the past.

That's the way Aveeno Shave Gel is.  I'm bald, so I shave more difficult surface area than probably everyone else.  And, ladies, don't tell me how hard your legs are, because I shaved my legs once, and besides having tons of surface area and taking a long, long time, legs really aren't that hard to shave.

Basically, I'm an expert on shaving.  And to maintain my adept status, I've tried every shaving cream ever made.  And Aveeno Shave Gel is so much better than anything else.  Like seriously twenty times better. It's impossible to get razor burn if you use this shaving gel, even if you use a super cheap razor.

This product did have problems.  It kind of exploded and it rusted so bad your shower looked somebody beat it with an old metal pipe.  But, if you pointed it away from your face, and didn't ever sit it down, it was awesome.

Unfortunately, it's all gone now.  I stocked up the last time I found some months ago, and now I'm down to my last one, pictured above.

I've looked everywhere, Walmart, Amazon, Kmart,, Target, even Walgreens, but they're all gone.  I was hoping they were recalled because of the explosions, but I found a post that says one person found a bunch of them on clearance, and I'm pretty sure they don't clearance explosives.

Tomorrow, I'm going to shave.  And I'm going to use the last bit of the last Aveeno in the world.

And then starting tomorrow, I'm going to join the rest of the old codgers who claim that yesteryear is far superior to today.

Picture credit goes to me. If you'd like me to pay you five bucks for your picture, and credit you here in a future blog, post a link as a comment to the pictures I could choose from for a future blog.


  1. You should try the Google product search. Google aveeno shaving gel and then click the shopping link at the top. I shop that way a lot, for loads of things. From what I saw, it seems that they're selling some of this stuff still in some places. Let me know if I'm wrong!

  2. Hmm, on second thought, the only ones that aren't out of stock don't have seller ratings. (E.g. Sometimes those work great, but it is riskier. I'd recommend researching the site first, and using something like PayPal or Google Checkout if you can.

  3. Thanks Anonymous. I did look through quite a few of the Google Shopping links, and couldn't find any that were actually in stock.

    When I just tried to add any to a cart from, then I get the message: "The Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal - 7oz is not currently available. Please contact us for availability of this item."

    If you find any more promising links, please post them, so I can buy more please!

  4. as for your post swampthings...its fabulous and all but their is an said that you are an expert shaver due to shaving your legs once...tell me, do you think legs is all women shave? thus making you an expert after a one time leg shave????

    I beg to differ my friend!

    Yours Truly

  5. Hmm. I'm gonna go find a woman and ask her if I can practice on her then. Anything to preserve my adept status!

  6. If you branched out to the women's shaving gel, you may be surprised. I use Satin Care, apricot gel. Never get cuts. I love it so much but can't get in China so I must stock up when in the states.

  7. I feel your pain... They quit making my favorite body wash in the entire world. My skin may just slough off now...

  8. Hmm. I'll have to check out Satin Care. And thanks for feeling my pain with the body wash.


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