Thursday, July 1, 2010

Solve it all with Tea!

LahTeaDah and I are guest posters on each others' blogs today. Here's her post, and check out my post on her excellent blog, 
Bad Flu, Bad Hair, Bad Break-up, Bad Attitude - anything adorned with the word “bad”, could easily be cured with a simple sip of Tea, as my mother tells me.  Tea and course a side dish of her mothering “tell me everything that happened!?”

Growing up as a teen many “bad day” stories graced my mother’s ears and of course the world ended every time one of these days would show its face in my life.  From "he said, she said" rumors to Math Class Drama (seriously, when am I ever going to need to know the square root of a circle's circumference) to the famous questions I got at least once a day while petting my hair….. “is it real?”. They say Life can sometimes gives you Lemons and if it does to make Lemonade. Well, I never liked Lemonade; so instead, I’d would use Lemons as sour crocodile tears which my mother could always stop.

As I try to get to the root of how she could work her magic like that, I was beginning to worry that maybe I would need to know how to find the square root of something. DAMN IT I’m screwed! I analyzed every “world ending” drama I pulled…..and I started to see a pattern! We’d always start with a cup of Tea. A dash of Cream and a small sprinkle of Sugar for her and a stream of Cream with a dumping of Sugar for me.  I believe Tea, is the absolute cure all for anything.

  • Stomach Aches? Warm and Soothe it with Tea!
  • Break-Up? Comfort yourself with a cozy cup of Tea!
  • Credit Card Debt? Wash your Stress away with a sweet sip of Tea!
  • Work Over-load? Take a break, visit your happy place and Calm yourself with Tea!
  • Bad Hair? Sip from your finest china, you’ll feel like a rockstar!
  • Cheating Spouse? Make some Tea – extra hot, throw it in their face…you’ll feel a millions times better about the situation!

Tell me something that can’t be cured with a warm, cozy, calming, comforting, eye scolding cup of Tea?

Photo credit probably of the author's mother. This is a picture of the author as a kid, presumably right before being comforted by tea.


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  2. You're right, Swampy. She's GOOOD . . . I absolutely loved this blog . . . I think I'll make myself a cup of "Feel Better Quick" tea blend, from the Teavana store I work near. I got a huge tin of it. I'll brew some with my mother, now . . . unless she just wants Raspberry Soire . . . That would do nicely, as well. :D

  3. She was an awesome guest poster. This was really fun, we'll have to do it again.


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